SC4 TRIO student finds support system

Kaitlyn Meldrum chose to pursue a college education at St. Clair County Community College for a number of reasons.

“It’s close to my family and gives me the opportunity to live at home,” Meldrum said. “The campus is small enough to navigate and is close to my job as well. SC4 also offers me the chance to complete the Michigan Transfer Agreement and to transfer to Wayne State University in the future.”

Like many students, Meldrum knew she would face some challenges once enrolled.

“Time management and mental health struggles are some barriers I’ve faced personally,” she said. “I have also faced educational barriers in math comprehension. I am a work in progress but with the help of my boyfriend, friends, family, teachers and tutors, I’m confident I’ll be able to overcome them.”

She also has found a great deal of support through SC4’s TRIO program.

“I was brand new to college and didn’t know what I was doing,” Meldrum said. “I was struggling in math class and I heard about TRIO’s tutoring and advising appointments. I thought that TRIO sounded super helpful, and it has been!

“TRIO has helped me obtain my goals by being supportive and keeping me motivated to do well. Shawne Jowett’s advising has really helped me in planning my semesters, and Amy Hengehold has helped encourage me and always makes me smile.”

Thanks to her support system, Meldrum—whose personal goals include continuing to learn new things and become more independent—is moving forward toward her goal of earning a bachelor’s degree in mortuary science.

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