Non-traditional student finds additional support with TRIO program

As a non-traditional student, Michelle Ward wanted additional support when she enrolled in St. Clair County Community College’s Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) program. She found it in SC4’s TRIO program.

“I heard SC4 had a great nursing program, but enrolling in college at my age combined with years of feeling inadequate only increased my lack of confidence,” Ward said. “I applied to the TRIO program for the additional support.”

Thanks to TRIO resources such as tutoring and printing, combined with TRIO’s helpful staff, Ward found the support she was looking for – and then some.

“Little did I realize how valuable this program would be to me,” Ward said. “The TRIO staff has been encouraging and supportive beyond my expectations. They have helped me overcome obstacles in a variety of ways. Every test I have taken and passed, assures me that I can do this and keeps driving me to face the next challenge. The support I have received is immeasurable.

“Specifically, I would thank Shawne Jowett for her commitment to her students, great listening skills and helpfulness. Jessica Brown’s professionalism, willingness to help and positive energy make a huge difference. Without Amy Hengehold’s help, I would have been lost. Kristy Jevens is a breath of fresh air. Always positive, encouraging and helpful.”

With the positive support and sense of belonging Ward received from TRIO and SC4, she remains focused on accomplishing her goal of graduating from the LPN program in December. She also looks forward to working in hospice home care and serving future patients with the utmost care and respect.

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