SC4 begins Campus Patrol Cadet Program to provide practical experience to criminal justice students

St. Clair County Community College is pleased to announce its Campus Patrol Cadet Program, which was created to provide practical, hands-on experience to students pursuing a SC4 degree in criminal justice.

“This program will provide its participants with a fully immersive, professional experience right here on our campus,” said SC4 Professor of Criminal Justice James Jones. “The more experiences and scenarios we are able to offer to our students, the better prepared they will be to succeed upon earning their degree.”

The Campus Patrol Cadet Program will offer part-time employment as a campus patrol cadet. Job responsibilities include performing tasks to assist permanent campus patrol staff, patrolling campus, and assisting students, faculty, staff and visitors on campus. Variable shifts and hours, including nights and weekends, are required.

While preference will be given to criminal justice students, the program is open to active students across campus and program areas with a minimum GPA of 2.0.

SC4’s associate degree in criminal justice prepares students to enter police or corrections academies, as well as serve as court advocates, private security workers and more. SC4 students practice crime scene investigation (CSI) techniques such as fingerprint and evidence collections; attend trials and other court proceedings; participate in field trips to the local jail and state prisons; and gain exposure to the field through presentations by active police officers and other criminal justice professionals.

Those interested in applying to the Campus Patrol Cadet Program may do so online. Those interested in pursuing an associate degree in criminal justice can learn more at

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