TRIO Student of the Month: Tonya Taormino

I chose to attend SC4 because it was close to home and offered a great criminal justice program with a strong reputation.

As an older, nontraditional college student, I had a hard time developing the skills needed to handle the heavy load of schoolwork and a demanding home life. I applied for the TRIO program to take advantage of the more personal tutoring help they offer. The program has helped me keep on track by monitoring my grades and offering early registration to help me get into classes I need that usually fill up fast. After juggling some responsibilities and getting help from TRIO, I have excelled and even received Presidential Honors in three different semesters.

I can’t recommend the TRIO program enough. The staff takes a personal interest in your success, and I would not have made it to graduation without their help. Advisor Shawne Jowett has spent countless hours helping me get into the courses I need to graduate and laying out a detailed plan for the years I’d be at SC4. I’m a planner, and I needed to know what I was going take every semester. Shawne was invested in me and helped me reach my goals.

In the fall, I plan to return to the SC4 campus as a Ferris State student, taking classes at the University Center to earn my bachelor’s in criminal justice. I hope to find a rewarding career at a drug treatment center.

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