TRIO Student of the Month: Crystal Devlaminck

Crystal Devlaminck was raised by her grandparents, who gained legal guardianship when she was taken away from her parents as a child. Though it may not seem like it, Crystal was born with a handicap, resulting from choices her parents made during pregnancy. She grew up in special education classes and utilized different types of therapy and counseling for most of her life. Along with her disabilities, Crystal has been managing mental health issues for nearly 15 years.

“Even with all these barriers, I was able to graduate high school in 2010 and am now attending St. Clair County Community College, finishing up my last transfer class for the 3 + 1 program with Siena Heights University to get my bachelor’s in business administration,” she says. After this semester, she will begin courses as a senior at Siena Heights.

Crystal is also driven by her Christian faith, explaining she came to religion later in life in her early 20s. “I have had a lot of ups and downs throughout my college career that I have had to overcome. Thanks to my support team in TRIO and others at SC4, I have always been encouraged to persevere. I am so very thankful for having everyone who has supported me throughout these years and motivated me to achieve success.”

Learn more about TRIO Student Support Services at SC4.

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