SC4 partners with local restaurants, Elevate Meal Plan to offer meal plan options

St. Clair County Community College has partnered with local restaurants and Elevate Meal Plan to provide its students, employees, area professionals and community members with unique and affordable meal options, easy dine in, pre-ordering and pickup services at some of the area’s most popular venues via an online platform.

SC4 is one of just a handful of community partners—and the first community college—offering meal plan options through Elevate. Others include communities surrounding Cornell, the University of Michigan, Florida State University and the University of Virginia.

Current participating restaurants include Casey’s Pizza and Subs, Chef Shell’s Restaurant and Catering, The Exquisite Corpse Coffee House, Kate’s Downtown, Maria’s Downtown Café, Moe’s Corner Deli, Raven Café, Sail In Café and Convenience Store, SC4 Café and Sperry’s 2nd Floor Dinnerhouse.

Meal plans range between three and 105 meals and can be rolled over to ensure students do not lose money when their traditional dining hall meals expire at the end of a semester.

“Community colleges offering a meal plan is pretty uncommon, but we feel this meal plan fits well within our mission of maximizing student success,” said Vice President of Student Services Pete Lacey. “It’s a great complement to on-campus meal choices and will provide a wide variety of new options for students and employees.

“Not only that, it allows us to support and promote local restaurants in our community, which will contribute to greater local economic growth.”

SC4 opened its doors to its College Housing on Aug. 3 and is the first community college in southeastern Michigan to offer student housing. The new facility will accommodate approximately 80 college students and resident assistants annually.

Added College Housing Manager Nathanial Shrapnell, “We’re focused on providing our students with a full college experience. This meal plan plays a role in that.”

To learn more or sign up for a meal plan, visit

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