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TRIO Student of the Month: Latonya Harmon

Hello, my name is Latonya Harmon. I graduated from New Haven High School in 2006.

Latonya Harmon
Latonya Harmon

I always had the passion for learning and education, however, I took a non-traditional route and had a family first. Years later, I decided I wanted to go back to school. I was very skeptical and felt a little discouraged and out of date, but hey, I made it!

I have been at SC4 for nearly two years and have had the best and most wonderful experience. Getting accepted into the LPN (Licensed Practical Nursing) program in 2018 has been the highlight of my journey. At first, I wasn’t going to apply, as I was a little disappointed about not getting into the RN program, but with support and encouragement from the TRIO department, I was able to push past my fear of failing once again.

Being a part of the TRIO program has been a great joy with all the support and counseling from positive people. My journey of returning to school has produced accomplishments and the best outcome.

I am on the President’s list for honors and am part of Phi Theta Kappa. Also, I am very happy to be part of an amazing program (TRIO) and I am excited to continue 2018 in the right direction!

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