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TRIO Student of the Month: Shannon Volz

My name is Shannon Volz, and I hope my story inspires you to believe in your own abilities to achieve your dreams.

Shannon Volz 2x2.75 copyI had big ambitions in high school, but always found myself struggling just to get a passing grade. I have a learning disability that affects the way I process information. I had to work much harder with studying than the average student. Being a typical teenager, I didn’t want to work that hard, and my grades showed it.

After graduating, I spent a year working out in the real world. I realized very quickly that life requires hard work no matter what you do. With that in mind, I decided to put my hard work into what I love, art. Because of my poor grades in high school, I had to start my first year of college taking prep classes to prepare me for the college classes to come.

TRIO has been a very important part in helping me achieve the grades I knew were possible. With their support and tutoring I have made the honor roll every semester. I’m currently well into my first year of the graphics arts program, and things couldn’t be better.

I’m looking forward to getting my associate degree, and possibly expanding into illustration. I am particularly fond of young adult and children’s books, so keep an eye on the book rack, because you will see my name, and possibly my picture in the near future.

2 thoughts on “TRIO Student of the Month: Shannon Volz

  1. Shannon,
    Your story is very inspiring! Congratulations on your efforts and successes. And you are correct, TRIO is an excellent group of individuals who desire to see you, and anyone else, achieve their dreams and goals! You should be very proud!

    Robin Wymer
    Criminal Justice
    Adjunct Professor


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