Nasr Natural Science Museum acquires ‘The Mastodon Hunt’ painting

The Port Huron Museum transferred ownership Monday of “The Mastodon Hunt,” a painting by the late Robert Thom, to the Nasr Natural Science Museum.

The painting will be added to the museum on the campus of St. Clair County Community College, joining several similar exhibits, including bones of the Walsh Mammoth and the Bryce Mastodon, as well as the complete skeleton of the Wooly Rhinoceros.

The painting will be on display soon in the museum.

Thom (1915-79) is an American illustrator who was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He specialized in the production of historical scenes for commercial patrons. His clients include Kimberly-Clark, Illinois Bell, Michigan Bell and Chevrolet.

His works appear all over the world, including in the Baseball Hall of Fame and the White House.

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