Criminal justice finger printing demonstration

Criminal Justice students dust for prints

Students in Criminal Justice Instructor Jim Jones’ CJ 215 class learned the ins and outs of fingerprinting Thursday, March 23.

But instead of just looking a loops and whorls on a screen, the St. Clair County Community College students were able to dust for prints themselves.

Jones brought in empty cans and had each student use special brushes and powders to find fingerprints on them. Once they found a print, they were able to lift it with tape and take a closer look.

The exercise helped show the students that fingerprinting isn’t as simple as CSI shows make it seem. It also gave them the real-world experience they need to prepare for careers in law enforcement.

Check out this gallery from the project:

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One thought on “Criminal Justice students dust for prints

  1. Jim Jones is a phenomenal instructor, SC4 is truly lucky to have him! Really down to earth and easy going style of teaching and consistently finds new ways to connect information to his students.


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