Blue Water Middle College put Hill on fast track to degree

Matthew Hill is well on his way to a bachelor’s degree in finance from Central Michigan University.

And thanks to his time at the Blue Water Middle College Academy, he’s on track to get that degree quicker than most.

“I’ll have 2 ½ years at CMU,” Hill, who graduated from Port Huron Northern in 2015, said. “It’s kind of a crazy thing, but I’m happy about it.”

Hill finished his time at the Middle College and St. Clair County Community College in the spring of 2016 and transferred 56 credits to Central Michigan, where he entered with junior standing. In his second semester at CMU, he is already enrolled in multiple 200- and 300-level courses.

He also found himself eligible for some of the bigger scholarships available to CMU freshman, and earned the Prestige Scholarship Award.

“I didn’t feel like I was ever over my head going into a university,” he said. “I never felt overwhelmed by any of my classes. I felt like I was more prepared than somebody that wouldn’t have done the Middle College.”

Hill — who had a 4.0 GPA in the fall to earn a spot on CMU’s President’s List — plans to transfer some credits from CMU back to SC4 to finish his associate degree. That will put him on track to have associate and bachelor’s degrees 3 ½ years after finishing high school.

“I definitely would recommend the Middle College, because it saves you time and it saves you money,” he said. “It’s also just another experience to have as opposed to just going to high school and then jumping into college. It’s a different dynamic to have high school and college at the same time. You get to meet a lot more people that way.”

To learn more about attending the Blue Water Middle College Academy — for free! — visit

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