SC4’s Higher Learning Commission accreditation reaffirmed

The Institutional Actions Council of the Higher Learning Commission recently reaffirmed St. Clair County Community College’s accreditation.

The next reaffirmation of accreditation for SC4 is scheduled for 2026-27.

“We are very pleased with the HLC’s decision, and very proud of the hard work put in by so many people at SC4 to make this possible,” SC4 President Dr. Deborah Snyder said. “To receive a report that requires no action items is significant, and reflects the quality of our faculty and staff. We strive to provide the best learning environment for our students, and this shows that we are on the right path in doing that.”

Accreditation allows SC4 to participate in federal financial aid programs, and increases the transferability of its credits to other institutions.

The team which reviewed SC4 reported that all 21 of the components for accreditation were met.

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