Meet Tiffany Reagin, TRIO’s Student of the Month for September

Tiffany Reagin of Fort Gratiot had a rocky transition from high school to college.

But through the help of the TRIO program at St. Clair County Community College, the September TRIO Student of the Month was able to get on the right track.

Here’s her story, in her words:


“Hello my name is Tiffany Reagin. I started my journey at St. Clair County Community College nearly two years ago.

In my childhood growing up, I realized that I wouldn’t be satisfied with myself. Suddenly there was a bump that I hit! Taking myself from high school to college was not the transition I had expected. My first semester was rocky. I felt as though I was in this horrible rut. My grades went downhill and my attitude didn’t seem like me. I was not a ray of sunshine. I knew it all had to stop immediately!

After all, I had inspired myself to try to get into the pharmaceutical field. After going into the office and talking to an advisor from TRIO, I was accepted as a student in their program. At first I was very cautious and still very hard-headed about joining the TRIO program. But, thinking back to my first year in comparison to my second year, I am so in awe about the change within my grades and my attitude.

TRIO is a great program that I got the opportunity to join. I now have great grades, great tutors, and a very caring TRIO family. I still plan to transfer in fall of 2017 to Ferris University to achieve my Ph.D. in pharmacy.”

One thought on “Meet Tiffany Reagin, TRIO’s Student of the Month for September

  1. Tiffy,
    I am so happy that you are a fighter. You have always seemed to excel through your firey attitude. Continue to push your way through life to achieve your goals. And once those are met, make new ones.
    Again, I am very proud of you, just can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next!!

    Love, Aunt Debbie


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